Who is Global Choices

Staff Profiles

Global Choices is proud to present the Directors who drive the Business and are responsible to maintain the high standards we set for ourselves. We believe our Team of 50 staff who work under the Directors are as important and lead the culture and set the high standards that we aspire to maintain.


Group CEO and Managing Director

Wimpie van der Merwe

Serial Entrepreneur and Aspiring Communication Expert
Co-dependent Artist and Architect
Disruptive and Innovative
Afrikaans chic meets Italian charm


Sales and Marketing Director

Ronald Gall

Head of Sales, People and Opportunities.
Has a degree but finds passion and enthusiasm more valuable.
Potentially great triathlete if he could focus on one discipline...
Disruptive and Firestarter.


HR and Compliance Director

Christi Theron

Keeping the Order of Things
One of the Roses amongst the Thorns
Knows her way down a slope.
Crosses the Jukskei
Strong views on e-tolls.